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Sell your house

The first step in selling your home is to have the help of an expert in the sector, someone who will develop a sales plan for you to find a new owner for your home in the shortest possible time and with the maximum profitability that can be obtained by giving as a result an efficient sales process. In this sense, star real estate is at a much higher level, thanks to an optimization of services that we have been using for years, which you can hire individually.


Real estate services on the Costa del Sol

Current valuation of your property

In order to negotiate the sale amount and obtain the best return on your home, we will carry out an updated valuation of your property. Through this report, our team of experts will show you the minimum and maximum market price; the statistics of the area; and the sale price of houses with the same characteristics. As a result, with our advice you will be able to establish a competitive sale price.

Personalized sales plan

We develop a complete sales plan for your property defining the results to be obtained month by month. To do this, we propose actions and measures to be taken if the objectives are not met. As a result, we advise you on which services are best for you to sell the property within the desired time.

We visit your home

We visit your home to collect all the necessary information for its sale quickly, efficiently and without setbacks. In addition, I will resolve all doubts and I will be your right hand throughout the sales process.

Filtering of visits

Thanks to our filter, we will only make visits with people who are really interested in buying a home in the area. For us it is essential to make a first analysis of the buyer, based on his profile and the real interest of purchase, before making the visit. Only then will we know if there is an interest in the property and, as a client, we will not waste your time

Visits with buyers

Once the filtering of future buyers has been done, we will make a visit with the potential buyers and we will take care of answering all their questions and making a full visit to the home.

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Marketing Services

Description of the property and the area

We are experts in real estate communication and we will take care of writing a description with the most relevant details of your home, as well as the description of the environment and the possible conditions that any future buyer must take into account.

Professional photo and video

We take professional photos and videos to highlight your home of the competition, a professional photographer who takes photos, videos, also with the help of drone, so that your house is sold faster, see the difference. All that from €150 + VAT

Premium publication and positioning

At Inmobiliaria Estrella we have a platform to publish our sales announcements, which will also be shared on the main real estate portals. As a result, your home will be more visible on the web and we will be able to increase the number of potential clients, having the opportunity to sell your house faster. Our marketing department is responsible for positioning and highlighting your property in search engines and the main portals.

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For more information or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for free

Legal services

Energy efficiency certificate

We take care of managing the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) of your home. Being in possession of this document is mandatory for the owners of a property and, to facilitate the procedures, we take care of processing it.

Sell an apartment on the Costa del Sol

Discover the most efficient, easy and professional way to sell an apartment on the Costa del Sol. After years as a benchmark in the real estate sector in Malaga, we have created a team of professionals capable of dealing with the sale of your property with professionalism, respect and love that he deserves.

At Inmobiliaria Estrella we want you to have the peace of mind of feeling in the best hands when you want to sell your property in Malaga.

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